What do I do?


Choose your own challenge to raise money – and then ask your friends, teachers, family, sports team, music club, pastor, and everyone else you know to sponsor you!

ALWS Olive

Think up your own fun idea or choose something from this list

(Remember to check with your mum and dad – or your teachers if it’s at school.)
walking icon

Walk 10 laps of your oval at lunchtime. Get your whole school on board and see which class can raise the most! You’ll be walking alongside people in developing countries who walk everywhere – to school, to collect water, to go to market.

running icon

Sign up for a local fun run. Make a team with your friends or classmates.

technology icon

Go without technology for a whole day – like people in developing countries. No phone, TV OR computer! Can your whole class do it? What about the whole school?

music icon

Love dancing? Set yourself the challenge of dancing – for a whole day! Dancing is one way people in developing countries express themselves.

birthday icon

Give up presents for your birthday this year and ask everyone to donate to help others instead.

cooking icon

Kids in developing countries often have to help with the cooking. Cook dinner for your family for a whole week.

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Use your imagination. Be creative. Do what you love. Create your own challenge to help others in need!

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