How do I help?


 Through Goodness Grows, you help people in developing countries who are affected by our changing climate. Your action helps grow healthy crops, strong children, and brighter futures!

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Here are some ways you can help:

Clean Water Campaign
Clean water Clean Water Campaign

Without water, crops don’t grow – and neither do children. Our changing climate means it can be hard to find clean water. Every year around the world, 800,000 children under 5 die from disease caused by dirty water. Help provide Water Filters for families in Indonesia. Up to 250 litres of water can be filtered to purity in just 30 minutes! This will last a family 2-3 days.

Cost per child: $14 (how many children will you help?)

Kitchen Garden Kit Campaign
Kitchen Garden Kit Kitchen Garden Kit Campaign

Our changing climate means it can be difficult for families to grow a variety of healthy food. Kitchen gardens are a great way for families to give their kids nutritious veggies. Help a family in Nepal grow pumpkin, radish, cucumber, beans, cauliflower, coriander, okra, gourds, garlic, chilli, onion, tomatoes and carrots. The Garden Kit includes seeds + training + watering can + spade + sickle + garden hoe. Families report this can help produce two harvests per year.

Cost per child: $15 (how many children will you help?)

Send a farmer to school! Campaign
Send a farmer to school! Send a farmer to school! Campaign

Our changing climate means farmers need to learn new and improved ways of farming. Help a farmer in a country like Cambodia attend Farmer Field School. Farmers meet in groups of up to 20 and learn methods to increase their crop yield like:

  • Organic farming
  • Making animal manure fertiliser
  • Planting in rows
  • Pest management
  • Mulch and compost
  • Crop rotation (alternating different crops)


Cost per farmer: $1 (how many farmers will you send to school?)

Disaster safety training campaign
Disaster safety training Disaster safety training campaign

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal shocked the world. So many people killed. So many houses destroyed. While this shocked the world, our changing climate means other natural disasters are becoming more common, like monsoonal rain and soil erosion. Help provide safety training to people in Nepal on how to reduce the risk from climate disasters.

Cost per person: $6 (how many people will you help?)

Care for a cow Campaign
Care for a cow Care for a cow Campaign icon

In South Sudan, cattle are a family’s wealth. Communities bring their cattle together in large cattle camps to protect them. Boys and young men live with the cattle, and move around to find grass to eat and fresh water to drink. Our changing climate means it’s harder to find this food and water and as a result, cows get sick more often. Help care for a cow by training para-vets and supplying veterinary medicine.

Cost per cow: $12 (how many cows will you care for?)

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